At Fittco, we are with you every step of the way.

The main goal at Fittco is to help you get more customers, elevate your business and show all it has to offer in one place, by targeting consumers at the right time.

See the video above for the process of how Fittco works.

What Fittco Can Best Do For Your Business…

Fittco partners with the best fitness providers to help them reach new clients, earn more money and grow their business.

Here are some benefits of our marketplace platform:

  • Get in front of a bigger audience
  • Attract more clients than ever before with our listing options
  • Dedicated and focused fitness industry platform
  • Expand options and promote how you want to been seen
  • Be discovered across multiple platforms and devices
  • Improve and elevate your online presence
  • Increased exposure by being present in more locations (locally or nationally)
  • Extra marketing and brand exposure
  • Build your customer database for future marketing

Plus, see all the core features

  • We’re not some boring business directory
  • We don’t change what you are doing; we just enhance your current processes
  • We help expand your options and promote your business the way you to be seen and discovered

Fittco is changing the way fitness is discovered by connecting consumers with innovative providers, businesses, professionals, products and services. We want to make the process of finding fitness options and solutions faster and easier than ever before.

“It’s really a win-win for both consumer and provider, the consumer finds exactly what they are looking for within the one platform, the provider it able to target that consumer at exactly the right time.”

Above is an example of a targeted listing that would appear if the consumer was searching for ‘Free Gym Passes & Trials’ on Fittco.

More ways how Fittco can help your business.

We help you reach your marketing goals faster by maximising your online presence and getting maximum exposure for your services, brand or products.

  • Get Discovered – You can promote just 1 section of your business or everything about your business. Expand your options & promote how you want to been seen.
  • Exposure To New Customers – Do you want to attract a consistent flow of new prospects? One of the hardest but most important areas for any business is to gain exposure and attract new customers.
  • Boost Sales Opportunities – By redefining how fitness is searched and discovered, our marketplace is closing the gap between customer and provider, which helps boost your sales opportunities.
  • Maximise Brand Awareness – You can expect to increase visibility, maximise brand awareness and reach your ideal customers by actively getting in front of the right target audience.
  • Driving More Customers – We drive highly targeted traffic and website leads that will help convert into new customers & sales.
  • Highly Targeted Search – When consumers are actively searching for the latest fitness options, products and services, they will be taken to a targeted page within the Fittco platform and then funnelled directly to you for action.
  • Locally or Nationally – Your listings are targeted to suit your preferred audience. Specify which categories & locations consumers will see your listings. You control your influence to a local area or extend nationally.

Fittco combines the power of word of mouth, social media and referral marketing into one powerful platform.

Thank you for viewing us here at Fittco! If you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to let us know!